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ENROLLING NOW: Summer Camp Space limited call today!! Thank you for visiting Mis Amigos Languages, “Where Our Worlds Come Together”. Our interests are the same, to maximize each child’s “window of opportunity” today, with the necessary tools they will need tomorrow to be able to live, work and excel in a global context.

The multitude of proven long and short- term benefits that a second language can provide your children demonstrates that language is the best gift you can
give to young children today. Don’t delay, enroll today…

“We have determined that those who learn two languages at a young age retain an ability to speak both as if each was their native tongue” The Wall Street Journal.


Research based curriculums
All curriculums utilized by Mis Amigos Languages are research based and proven to be successful in teaching the target language in classrooms nationwide. Our focus is to maximize learning according to the child’s developmental age as per known research related to the aptitude for linguistic development taking place during the “window of opportunity”.

Enhanced exposure and application of the target language
Children already being exposed or about to be exposed to a target language through various other sources such as home, pre-school or school environment will benefit from an enhanced student-centered interactive curriculum by participating in an age specific program.

Language Immersion
Classes are conducted entirely in the foreign language by native teachers. Techniques such as *TPR (total physical response), mime, sign language or dramatic gestures are also incorporated to maximize understanding without the need for translation.

Small Class Sizes
Class sizes are designed in order to maximize both the level of individual attention and the level of interaction required among students and teachers participating in an immersion program.

Diverse Learning Styles
Mis Amigos Languages affords each child the ability to think and learn in their own way according to their unique intelligence (i.e. logical-mathematical, linguistic, spatial/visual, kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal or naturalist) as per the *Theory of multiple intelligences developed in 1983 by Howard Gardner, professor of education at Harvard University.

Age-Appropriate Units
All thematic units are age and developmentally appropriate, designed to motivate student learning, increases vocabulary retention and maximizes the learning that occurs in these short blocks of time.

Benchmark evaluations
The progress of each student is determined through the use of comprehensive evaluation tools including unit assessment charts which assess the child’s progress in order to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses. The information obtained from the assessments is used to evaluate transition into higher levels and serves to identify any future trends.

Spiral Curriculum
Students engage in the study of the target language by means of the introduction of the new language and vocabulary on a continuous basis. Repetition of the thematic subject, and as benchmark evaluations dictate mastery of the subject matter warrant children to progress to different grade levels. At higher levels they are exposed to more in-depth subject matter to advance linguistic development of the target language.

Creative/Interactive non-threatening environment
We believe that the most important element in teaching children a second language is to provide a creative and nurturing learning environment that builds self esteem in each child. This positive exposure allows for learning to become effortless, enjoyable, and most importantly, non-threatening. This factor is especially beneficial in second language learning, where research has shown that fear and anxiety can inhibit learning. This curriculum provides opportunities for children to build confidence and a positive self-esteem around their new language. Materials are presented in a creative yet familiar and comfortable manner. Opening and closing activities remain the same, and instructors continually utilize learned materials in new contexts.

Joining Your Child
By enrolling your child in Mis Amigos Languages, you have taken the first step in supporting your child’s foreign language linguistic development. Parents are an integral part of this program. We have designed programs such as “Buenos Dias Amigos” that require the participation of a parent/caregiver. Other programs may be supported by you in more ways than one. Please meet with one of our staff for suggestions and ideas. Pay attention, your child will thank you one day and not in English!
Please feel free to contact Mis Amigos Languages at (305) 418-0353
if you don't find a class that suits your needs.