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Our Program

Mis Amigos Language Programs encourage learning through active participation and 100% use of the new language being acquired. Class themes and activities are age appropriate and relevant to the child’s life. Activities that enable children to relate to the target language include role playing, story telling, singing, dancing, games and arts & crafts. All classes are designed to enhance the learning already taking place at home, school or pre-school. They also provide added exposure to the young ones getting ready to start the pre-school years during the years in which their brain is at its peak for multiple language acquisition.

"Buenos Dias Amigos"- Art & Music

Art:(2-5 year olds) Research demonstrates the long lasting benefits of cognitive development through hands-on activities and play. Throughout this interactive art class, children are exposed to a new language and culture by means of their own creativity.

All multi-sensory art projects are designed to stimulate the imagination as a new language is introduced and vocabulary in the target language is enhanced. Consequently, numerous benefits are derived. First, increased interaction between child and parent/caregiver and increased socialization with other children takes place in the target language. There is also an increased understanding of the vocabulary as measured by means of a child’s ability to interpret. Last, in addition to the motor benefits from the physical use of the art manipulatives, both expressive (ability to communicate) and receptive (ability to understand) language goals are integrated in the class activities.

The enthusiasm and interest in art projects in each child increases self-esteem and is used to enhance and elicit language. The combination of all of these accomplishments is celebrated along with the child’s artistic expression. Classes take place on a weekly basis.

Language + Art = cognitive, motor, expressive improvements
Music:(9 months-5 year olds)Many years of research have established a strong link between language, music and other developmental skills such as logical thinking and math. When children are exposed to language and music, measurable improvements in cognitive skills are noted. Because music and language complement each other, they are both crucial to a child’s development. Far greater is the sum the parts received by combining the two rather than exposing a child to one or another.

During the one hour “Buenos Dias Mis Amigos-Music”, parents and children engage in singing, dancing and movement sessions as a means of exposure to the foreign language during the critical years of brain development. Because children naturally love music and song, they receive the benefits of listening to and speaking the target language. Words and phrases are easier to remember when combined with music. During class, the love for song holds the child’s interest which leads to repetition outside the class environment, therefore, reinforcing the language lesson learned in class. Classes take place on a weekly basis.

Language + Music = Scholastic Improvement
"Mis Amigos Y Yo":(2.5-15 year olds)
Weekly, interactive after- school language and culture enrichment program. This program is designed to enhance the learning already taking place outside of class, or to introduce the language to non-native speakers by exposing children to relevant life and age specific themes and activities in the target language.

Private tutoring":(2.5 - 15 year old): Private one-on-one classes are available. Advance arrangements required. See program administrator for scheduling.

“CAMP MIS AMIGOS”: (3-12 year olds). 3 blocks of 3 weeks each of Spanish summer immersion program. Small classes divided by developmental age will engage in a variety of activities that will include: weekly field trips, thematic units covered in a fun and interactive manner, etiquette, drawing, games, arts and crafts, scrapbooking, animal shows, puppet shows, leadership development, singing, writing contests, reading and more. Spaces are limited- call today!

Upcoming events. Periodically, seasonal weekend events will take place. These are designed to further advance the exposure to the target language as they relate to any upcoming holidays. Advanced reservation required. Please check back with us for additional upcoming events.

CALENDAR- Please visit our calendar for a complete listing of classes, activities, holidays and more.
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